Expert Witness Services

In most cases our Report brings the opposite side to the table.  On the dozen or so of occasions when a court appearance has been necessary Andy Allan’s performance has always received excellent notices.  In every case we have undertaken our Evidence of Opinion has prevailed.

Health and Safety

Our knowledge of the requirements of the Act and of the CDM regulations has been thoroughly tested.  We don’t know all the answers but there are few better places to start; if it isn’t within our knowledge we know someone who can assist.

The IStructE formed it’s Health and Safety panel following an article by Andy Allan in the house Journal, and he served on the panel (by invitation of the Secretary) for 5 years.  In 2007 the practice was a Finalist in the HSE – sponsored Health and Safety Awards, in the category of Outstanding Achievements in Health and Safety/

In one instance we produced a model to explain to a jury what had happened, and won applause from the Bench.  Our model cost £100 to make on a Saturday morning.  The HSE produced a model for the same case which cost many thousands of pounds and completely failed on the day.

Professional Negligence

There is no doubt that this field of litigation requires a good grasp of the subject, and long experience.  Andy has appeared for clients on both sides of the fence, as it were, with success.

Construction Defects

Latent defects have always been a contentious issue.  Again, experience and clear communication skills are the keys; we have both.

Design Review

We have undertaken reviews ranging from Category 3 bridge checks for abnormal indivisible roads through to review of the Depot for the Colombo Metro project.  This design is for a 28.5 acre elevated slab with 5 major buildings on top of it, to be constructed over a paddy field.  Although our design review was late in the programme, we saved over $2.5m on two steel famed buildings alone.

Material & Workmanship failures

This barn was supplied as a kit to a farmer in Stranraer, who appointed a local steel erector.  Unfortunately he didn’t think it necessary to install the bracing before putting the roof on.  (No one was hurt!)  We acted for the supplier of the kit.