Landmark grade I listed chamber (Temporary Works)

The frames are first dry-packed into cored holes.

This historic structure required sensitive handling.  Space was at a premium, and it had been decided by the designers that box frames had to be installed for all major openings.

One of the main challenges was the difficulty of getting the steel into the building without damage to the Grade 1 listed fabric.  The standard method of needling and shoring requires a forest of props, all braced together, which makes getting the steel into position extremely difficult and time consuming.

We used a device which had been successfully trialled at trialled at another historic Mayfair building of note, which massively simplified temporary propping.  Our design-registered ACEframe is seen in action here:

ACEframes inserted ready for the lintel and cill insertion

It isn’t as scary as it looks.

The finished box frame. The cill ACEframes are still in place but like the lintel frames they will be retrieved for re-use.