Our Services

Civil Engineering

Civil as opposed to Structural Engineering relates to things like infrastructure, drainage, estate roads, bridges, and land stability (e.g. cuttings and embankments).

Commercial Projects

Good design should improve time to completion, cost of construction, and often total cost f ownership. In short, good design can impact positively on the value of the client’s equity and bottom line.

Domestic Clients

We understand that clients from outside the construction industry shouldn’t be expected to understand the technical jargon commonly used by professionals, and generally appreciate a litle more explanation.

Contractor Services

We design temporary propping and shoring with the same cost-conscious approach we use in any design. A client’s MD told us “We like using Allanconsult because they make life easy on site.

Design Review

Clients sometimes need a second opinion; a design may seem wrong, too intrusive, or too heavy. Or a client may simply need an independent accreditation.


No-one wants to waste money on expensive litigation. We can often help to avoid this, whilst getting the result that you really want.
If it all goes wrong, you can rely on use to provide the very best support for your case.