Berkeley Square Restaurant

We undertook the structural design for the £¾m enabling works including both temporary and permanent works.  This 9-storey building with two basement levels was altered whilst the upper 7 storeys were occupied.  The masonry removed at ground floor level made a substantial improvement to the net lettable area!

The permanent supporting steel internally had to be flush with the soffit of the existing filler joist flooring, so there was no room for needles above the steel.  We used Freissinet flat jacks to ensure that the structure above remained where it was, without any movement; these were locked with resin at the completion of each opening.  The work was extremely complex and included de-watering measures in the basement, as well as façade alterations.

The execution was undertaken by Shaca Construction Ltd., to whom we’re are grateful for the use of their photographs.  Their work was flawless at every stage.