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consulting civil and structural engineers
Our designs SAVE MONEY.  Less cost, more benefit.

Value Engineering (or getting it right first time) is standard in all our work.

Our Structural Engineering solutions have been consistently light and lean.  In one industrial design competition our solution required 330 tonnes of steel; the competition weighed in at between 440 and 610 tonnes.  A sports facility in Milton Keynes was redesigned saving two thirds of the steel from a leading fabricator’s design, and saving 75% of the foundation cost.  These are not isolated examples.


Valuation surveys frequently throw up concerns about aspects of a property that have been overlooked.  Our inspections and reports are almost always successful in removing the log-jam.  Our findings have always been accepted by mortgage lenders, and our reports are individually written in clear plain English with as little jargon as possible.


Whether you are a householder, an Architect, Surveyor, Estate Manager, Developer, Builder, Design and Build Contractor, or Lawyer, you might need a Structural Engineer to assist you from time to time.  We have been helping householders and property professionals to solve difficult problems since 1992.

...is about making buildings stand up and work well in the environment, making infrastructure work invisibly, and maximising the effectiveness of your investment.  A good structural design should enable the Architect’s vision,  whist being modest to the point of being self-effacing.



We specialise in the conservation, alteration, repair, and remediation of ancient and historic buildings and monuments.  We can offer useful advice about listed building consent, conservation area consent, repair of defects, and improvements generally.

Past projects include many scheduled national monuments as well as private houses.  We have surveyed the second oldest bridge over the Thames, worked on Church House Westminster, The RAC Clubhouse in Pall Mall, an Elizabethan manor house in Newport Pagnell, and many more.

Structural elegance

Even on ‘bread and butter’ jobs, steel or concrete sections that are over-sized don’t add to the success of the building.  They just get in the way and cost more.  They use more energy in manufacture and reduce the net lettable area.

Our cost-effective structures increase tender success rates, improve margins, save on completion time, and reduce site management headaches.  And health and safety are considered integrally with every design decision, resulting in a smoother site operation.